Post 16
On site courses Our Post 16 curriculum has been developed to support those young people for whom accessing a college environment provides such challenges that it will have a detrimental impact upon their personal development and life outcomes Core studies All students in Post 16 will continue to work toward GCSE English and Mathematics as part of their ongoing studies. PSD will also be an intrinsic part of the Post 16 timetable. Those students whom do not hold a Science qualification will work toward their entry level certificate. Students will also be supported in identifying the life-long challenges they face and develop the strategies to have the confidence and resilience to meet these challenges independently in their everyday lives. Options Post 16 students will have the opportunity to study the same options as available in KS4. As an alternative, students will be able to access distance learning courses with the support of The View School. Working with secondary providers, the View School supports accessing distance learning and on-line learning courses. There are a number of benefits of distance learning courses with the support of The View School: College support (1 year only) Some of our students will be ready for a supported transition between special education and mainstream college. For those young people we offer support in a mainstream college for a transition year. During this academic year, we support students both in lessons and during social times. This continues until the young person is able to utilise college tutorial support and meet the social demands of college life independently. Students will transition to independently accessing college SEN provision by the end of the academic year. Students are able to choose any course from their local college subject to the college’s entry criteria. Courses chosen are of a particular area of interest Students can ‘start a course’ without missing topic areas no matter when they start Academic expectations of course assignments supported Research skills and independent study skills scaffolded Managed communication with course providers Additional learning support with course content Support in meeting learning criteria Course content available beyond the school day Courses can be continued beyond accessing The View School