In this section you’ll be able to find reference to our annual fees. Fees are based upon an individual placement and are fixed for the duration of the young person studying with us. Additional interventions or therapies are charged in addition to the school standard fee. Placements are normally funded by Local Authorities, although students can access our provision via private funding.
Fees On site Provision: Key Stage 3, 4 & Post 16 - including Post 16 course fees: £48,500 College Support (1 year only): 1-2-1 support during a transitional year: £70,000 Additional fees: Additional costs relate to specific interventions identified within the EHCp or identified additional interventions following initial placement offer. 1-2-1 support: £22,000 We do not envisage students requiring a designated 1-2-1 whilst studying at the View School. If 1-2-1 support is identified within the EHCp, additional fees may apply. This is a fixed annual fee will be reviewed at the end of each academic year. We do not envisage this level of support being required for more than one academic year. Therapy: costs will be confirmed against individual requirements. Therapy is charged based upon the individual need as identified within the EHCp. Programmes and software: We make reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of our students. Additional costs for specific programmes and software will be identified at the time of placement, if required.