Supporting young people with Mental Health difficulties and a diagnosis of Autism The View School is a bespoke education environment for young people whose educational needs are unable to be met by a mainstream school or college. All our students have an Education Health and Care plan (EHCp). The challenges our students will have faced will have led to a breakdown in their education and time out of school. During this period students may have received home schooling, or spent time in hospital, accessing hospital school education. ‘Our supportive and proactive approach to meeting the challenges associated with both academic and personal development; provides an environment where students feel confident and assured in their abilities’ – SEND Policy Our small cohort allows a focus on meeting the needs of the individual, building a depth understanding of each student, the challenges they face, and finding a route for successful outcomes. We work with our students, providing opportunities and experiences that inspire them to achieve their goals and future aspirations. ‘We challenge our students, supporting them in having positive educational and life experiences. Our aim is for our young people to have the aptitude and skills to enable successful future outcomes, being effective contributors in all aspects of their lives’- Curriculum Policy By focusing on the needs of the individual and the barriers they face in accessing their education, we are able to empower our students, placing them in a position where they are more able to understand themselves and build upon positive outcomes to raise self-esteem and resilience. Our aim is to provide our students with ‘choice’ and not to be restricted in the opportunity of successful life outcomes due to the challenges they have faced during their childhood.
How we got here We started The View School because we were seeing a growing number of young people whom are not receiving the education which they are entitled too. Young people with Mental Health needs and High Functioning Autism often struggle to find an environment which offers the right balance between academic challenge, nurture and support. We are passionate about providing an environment and approach which fulfils the needs of this group. We have worked long and hard to find the right environment, to write policies and develop a curriculum which truly reflects our ethos and approach. Our policies underpin everything that we do, informing upon the best practices we follow to meet the needs of the young people we have the privilege of working with.
In this section you’ll be able to find a little bit of information about us. This is a snapshot of who we are, what we do and how we ensure we are always developing. Our website, however hard we try, can not truly represent who we are or our personality. If you would like to know more about us, and get a feel for who we are, please get in touch and arrange a visit.